Thor’s Hammer is a joinery, sawmill and recycled timber yard based in Griffith, Canberra. They recently commissioned me to draw three illustrations for their showroom. The illustrations were to be of a typical timber framed house, an old warehouse and a wharf. The drawings show a cut away section though the three different structures. This enabled the components of the structures to be clearly identified. This makes it easy for Thor’s customers to be directed to the illustrations if they are not sure of what part of the structure the timber is salvaged from.

If it is a post, a wharf pier or joist, the customer can see clearly what part of the structure the timber comes from. In addition, Thor asked if he could be in the drawings! No prizes for guessing who the person is in each illustration.


Italy is world on its own; where Lynette and I immerse ourselves in the richness of the history, the beauty of its gardens and the happiness of the people. Did I mention, the food and coffee is amazing, too. What’s not to love!

The places we visited include Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena, San Gimignano, Assisi, Portofino and Capri. We loved everywhere along the way to these wonderful places. The journey is really a big part of the adventure. As usual, Lynette took the photographs and I did the drawings. My drawings are mostly simple line sketches. There was so much to take in, this sketching approach worked a treat. I snuck in some bright crayon drawings for our visit to Burano!



Singapore is our go to escape. Lynette and I love visiting Singapore, and every time we set a new theme for our visit. This time we checked out some of the understated heritage buildings. Some highlights included The Intercontinental Hotel Precinct, The National Design Centre, St Joseph’s Church and Gardens By The Bay (not understated).


On our adventures to New Zealand, Lynette takes the photographs and I do the drawing. A perfect combination. The drawings form part of the visual and written diary. On our trips to New Zealand there is always a new discovery for us to enjoy and record.



Opportunities for sketching abound throughout the ship. The vastness of the ocean viewed from on deck as well as vignettes of activity around the ship, lend themselves to become part of my visual dairy.